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Soldering Equipment AE689A

LED display for easy and clear menu operation.

Auto standby & sleep function to ensure property safety and extend tip service life.

Temperature lock function to prevent from adjusting temperature improperly.

°C / °F conversion to suit different using habit.


Soldering equipment, AE689A, is a modern design handheld tool to melt solder in phone repairing, electronic maintenance, jewelry processing, etc. With LED display, you could easily notice the correct temperature during soldering. Moreover, auto standby & sleep function to ensure your property in safety and extend tip service life, which outstands more than your simple hand iron. No matter you are a manufacturing professional or hobbyist, AE689A is ideal for your soldering jobs and production-line environments.

Soldering equipment, AE689A, technical features

Soldering equipment AE689A technical features.jpg

Soldering equipment, AE689A, technical parameters

  Manufacturer  ATETOOL
  Model number  AE689A
  Power  60W
  Input voltage  110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range  100-500℃ (212-932℉)
  Heating element  two-core PTC heating element
  Soldering tip  900M-T series tip
  Power cord length  1.2m
  Handle cable length  1.2m
  Net weight  560g
  Temperature stability  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Tip to ground resistance  <2Ω
  Tip to ground voltage  <2mV
  Warranty  12 months
  Packing list  1 x Main unit
  1 x Handle
  1 x Tin wire frame
  1 x User manual
  1 x Sponge OR 1 x brass wool