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Good soldering iron AE6150D

- Fast and efficient soldering with 150W power output

- Accurate digital temperature control up to 500°C

- Quick heating for immediate usability

- Auto-Sleep Function ensures safety and energy conservation

- Temperature calibration ensures precise soldering

- Easy-to-use LED display for monitoring and controlling temperature


Good soldering iron AE6150D, Harnessing an impressive 150W power output, sets the benchmark for reliability and efficiency in your soldering projects. Precision is redefined through its advanced digital temperature control system, offering adjustment up to 500°C to effortlessly meet diverse soldering demands.

Safety and energy conservation are elevated with the auto-sleep function. Temperature calibration ensures precise settings for intricate tasks, providing an unrivaled edge in precision work. Effortlessly monitor and control temperatures with the sleek LED display, ensuring a seamless soldering experience. From seasoned professionals to passionate hobbyists, the AE6150D merges power, precision, and safety– unquestionably the ultimate choice for your soldering needs.

Good soldering iron, AE6150D, technical parameters

Model number




  Input voltage


  Temperature range

  200500℃ (392-932℉)

  Temp. display

  Digital display

  Heating element

  PTC active ceramic heater

  Power cord length


  Net weight (iron only)


  Temperature stability

  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)

  Tip to ground resistance


  Tip to ground voltage


  Packing list

  1 x Soldering iron
  1 x Iron stand

  1 x User manual

150W good soldering iron, AE6150D, technical features

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