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DIY Soldering Iron AE540

40W to enable fast heating up.

Ceramic heater provides high performance and long service life.

Universal T900 series lead-free long life iron tip applicable.

Patented close-loop automatic constant temperature control technology to ensure high stability, excellent performance and precise accuracy.


DIY soldering iron, AE540, adopts 40W PCT heating element to quickly achieve your soldering temperature. By applying universal T900 series lead-free long life iron tip, you could easily change the suitable tip to meet your soldering process. Slim and lightweight ergonomic handle brings you a comfortable soldering experience.

DIY soldering iron AE540, technical features

DIY soldering iron AE540 technical features.jpg

DIY soldering iron, AE540, technical parameters

  Manufacturer  ATETOOL
  Model number  AE540
  Power  40W
  Input voltage  110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range  350°C (662℉) / 400°C (752℉) / 450°C (842℉)
  Heating element  two-core PTC heating element
  Soldering tip  900M-T series tip
  Power cord length  1.5m
  Net weight  90g
  Temperature stability  ±5℃/±9℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Warranty  12 months
  Packing list  1 x Soldering iron
  1 x User manual