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Digital soldering iron AE561D

LED display for temperature monitoring

Auto-shut off for safety and energy savings

Aesthetic orange/blue appeal for an attractive appearance

Fast heat-up time for quick start-up

Replaceable heating element for easy maintenance

Adjustable temperature control up to 500°C


Digital soldering iron AE561D from ATETOOL factory, has an LED display for temperature monitoring and adjustable temperature control up to 500°C. With fast heat-up time and replaceable heating element, it's a durable tool at an affordable price. Safety features include auto-shut off, while an attractive orange/blue design adds aesthetic appeal.

Digital soldering iron white lable product presentation

Digital soldering iron supplier, AE561D, technical parameters

  Manufacturer  ATETOOL
  Model number  AE561D
  Power  68W
  Input voltage  110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range  200-500℃(392-932℉)
  Digital display  LED segment
  Heating element  2 core PTC ceramic heater
  Power cord length  1.4m
  Net weight  112g
  Temperature stability  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
 Tip to ground voltage <2mV
  Warranty  12 months
  Packing list  1 x Soldering iron
  1 x User manual

Digital soldering iron, AE561D, technical parameters demo