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Welding & Soldering Tools AE689C

60W to enable fast heating up. Ceramic heater provides high performance and long service life.

Universal T900 series lead-free long life iron tip applicable, convenient to change tips.

Wide heat range (176℉~896℉ / 80°C ~ 480°C) to meet different soldering projects need.

Built-in PID system to ensure high stability, excellent performance and precise accuracy.


Welding & Soldering Tools, AE689C, is a 60W high power soldering tool with ON/OFF switch to control your project. It could heats up quickly due to its built-in high quality PCT heating element. Together with its PID system, AE689C could ensure high stability, excellent performance and precise accuracy in your soldering job. 

It auto detects actual temperature constantly for quick temperature return, and stabilizes heater core temperature at ±3.6°F/±2°C. Auto standby & sleep function effectively prevent your property from fire risk and extend tip service life. With temperature lock function, you are not able to adjust temperature by mistake, which could assure your soldering project in precise welding temperature. The wire stand screw together with soldering machine, so you will be easy to operate with our compact and robust soldering tool, AE689C.

Welding & Soldering Tools, AE689C, technical parameters

  Manufacturer  ATETOOL
  Model number  AE689C
  Power  60W
  Input voltage  110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range  100-500℃ (212-932℉)
  Heating element  two-core PTC heating element
  Soldering tip  900M-T series tip
  Power cord length  1.2m
  Handle cable length  1.2m
  Net weight  660g
  Temperature stability  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Tip to ground resistance  <2Ω
  Tip to ground voltage  <2mV
  Warranty  12 months
  Packing list  1 x Main unit
  1 x Handle
  1 x Tin wire frame
  1 x User manual
  1 x Sponge