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Soldering Kit AE680D

First soldering iron to apply 110V/220V integrated active heater

80W high power, 10 seconds to reach tin melting temperature

Built-in PID system, automatically compensate soldering temperatures to stick solder precisely

Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip


Soldering kit manufacturing, AE680D, is a perfect handheld tool for electronic worker to create, modify, or repair in home DIY, electronics maintenance and other soldering project. It comes with 80W high power to heat up fast in 10 seconds. More functions below could help you understand this excellent soldering product.

Equipped with plug-and-play integrated active tip, soldering Kit, AE680D, is rapid in temperature rise and precise in temperature control. With its high efficient PID program temperature control technology, AE680D automatically detects actual temperature constantly for fast temperature return.In this way, it could offer more accurate soldering temperature that your projects ask for.  

Soldering kit, AE680D, feature presentation

Soldering kit, AE680D, technical features

soldering kit AE680D features.png

Soldering kit, AE680D, technical parameters

  Manufacturer  ATETOOL
  Model number  AE680D
  Power  80W
  Input voltage  110VAC / 230VAC
  Temperature range  100-500℃(212-932℉)
  Digital display  0.96 inch OLED
  Heating element  T60 series integrated active heater
  Power cord length  0.65m
  Handle cable length  1.25m
  Net weight  190g
  Temperature stability  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)
  Tip to ground resistance  <0.1Ω
  Tip to ground voltage  <2mV
  Warranty  12 months
  Packing list  1 x Soldering iron
  1 x Control main unit
  1 x Magnetic base
  1 x User manual