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smd rework station AE380D

- Rapid heating with an integrated 80W tip

- Achieve precise temperature control with a digital display

- Quick temperature rise for immediate work

- Conveniently compact and portable

- Advanced heat recovery allows for continuous operation

- Enhanced safety and energy conservation with auto-sleep function


SMD rework station, AE380D, is a powerful tool designed for precision work. With its high-performance 80W integrated tip, heat-up is almost instantaneous, ensuring the optimal temperature is achieved quickly for any task. Through its digital display and advanced PID control technology, the temperature can be set and regulated with pinpoint accuracy. Whether soldering tiny surface-mount components or working on larger connections, the station maintains an exactly steady heat to get the job done efficiently. 

This portable station is a great choice for any application requiring soldering prowess. From electronics hobbyists to repair technicians, it has the control and consistency required for intricate DIY projects, equipment maintenance and more. Its integrated design makes it compact yet fully-featured, with all the power and precision needed in a self-contained package. Whether you need a versatile workhorse for a variety of tasks or demanding control for fine soldering work, the AE380D station can handle anything with confidence-inspiring heat and temperature regulation.

SMD rework station, AE380D, product demo

SMD rework station, AE380D, technical parameters

Model number




  Input voltage


  Temperature range

  100500℃ (212-932℉)

  Temp. display

  Digital display

  Heating element

  T60 series integrated PTC active ceramic heater

  Power cord length


  Handle cable length


  Net weight


  Temperature stability

  ±2℃/±4℉ (when temperature >200℃/400℉)

  Tip to ground resistance


  Tip to ground voltage


  Packing list

  1 x Soldering iron
  1 x Control main unit
  1 x Sponge
  1 x Brass wool

  1 x User manual

SMD rework station, AE380D, technical features

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